adulthood is just an endless stream of phone calls you don’t want to make but have to

and I hate it   text post   


Arrow cast - SDCC 2014


Arrow cast - SDCC 2014

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bless all of you who didn’t unfollow me during the comic con madness

especially if you're not into arrow cause that's all I care about these days   

Roy Harper through the seasons.
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Stephen Amell -Comic-Con Panel at Nerd HQ, 2014 (x)

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y’all fucking stupid if you think i am missing this stydia hug on monday for this stupid black out. 

real fucking stupid.

this blackout thing is so stupid tho   come on   teen wolf   

why do you ship olicity so much?

I’ll try to make this short okay? 

first of all, I’m a sucker for all ships that start out with friendship (like delena, castle/beckett and many more). there’s just something about watching two people, who are already close to each other, fall in love that is so wonderful and I can’t really put it into words but you know what I mean. 

and secondly, and more importantly, the thing about oliver/felicity is, that it is something that was unexpected, it wasn’t planned it just happened, the way actual real life romance happens you know? In real life you can’t plan who you fall in love with and the way oliver/felicity fell in love (because yes at this point you cannot tell me that they’re not already head over heels for each other) is something very real and authentic and I love that about them. I’m pretty sure the writers had this huge oliver/laurel love fest planned out but just like in real life, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. I mean, come on, felicity wasn’t even supposed to be on the show for more than one episode but she kind of snuck her way in and now she’s the heart of the show and the heart of oliver. 

am I making any sense at all   but yeah that's it   arrow   asks   oliver x felicity   personal   no one cares lol   Anonymous   

Katie and Emily sitting next to each other at the DC Panel.

Emily being all excited when they bring up Ted Grant, who is Laurel’s mentor on her way to become Black Canary.

Emily showing her biceps to Katie, and making excited faces.


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